Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Oregon Retirement, California Retirement, and MORE!

Sorry for the delayed posts here at The Oregon Experience, but I've got a lot going on online.  Here's a post about our new Retirement website  "Retire USA" and our old site www.OregonRetirement.info.   If you are planning to retire in Oregon, or anywhere in the USA for that matter, you'll want to check us out! 
Retire USA:
Retire USA keeps on growing, mostly thanks to some great posts by our many retirement bloggers and guests at the website.  Our goal is to become one of the top online sources of retirement information for the USA.
We now have excellent city profiles on about 225 US cities with a focus on the information you’ll need to plan a retirement in those states/cities.  There are over a dozen great bloggers writing articles for the Retire USA Retirement Blog, and over four thousand  individual retirement records, sorted by cities and into four key retirement categories:  Health Care, Financial Services, Retirement Communities, and Real Estate.
Thanks to the magic of Google’s custom search we have a Retire USA  “retirement search” (see top of page) that will allow you to search our site and the greater online universe for more retirement related information.   |
At the very least you should be following RetireUSA on Twitter for Retirement information so you’ll be alerted to the new blog posts as they appear online:   Twitter Retirement Information
So, what are the TOP TEN RETIREMENT STATES?     This is a *personal view* by yours truly Joe Duck based on limited research, but I think this is probably close in terms of the states to which most people retire among those who are *changing their home state*.   Obviously most people stay put for retirement, so simply asking “where do most people retire” is the same as asking “where do most people live”?      If you are searching for a new home our site is a great place to start, and here are the states I think you are most likely to be searching for.
If you think this is  NOT a good list, please let me know in the comments why!    Some day when I’m not as lazy as right now I’ll research this topic, though it’s often hard to find good data since most states are all trying to promote their virtues – I’m guessing there will be many “self serving” studies by economic development or travel groups to “show” that their state is THE place to retire.    I think the best test is probably to find the states that get the most people to *change their residence*, as this is a very good sign that you are doing something right … retirement wise.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Oregon Experience

Apologies for the lack of Oregon Travel posts here at the Oregon Experience.   I've been very busy with other online project such as these:

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Secret Garden, Camelot Theater, Talent Oregon

The Camelot Theater Presents "The Secret Garden" through December and into January of 2010.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Oregon in the Depression

As if we didn't all have enough to worry about already, Oregon Public Broadcasting's excellent "Oregon Experience" series has a great set of depression era photos at their website. click here for the photos

Oregon in the depression was not like the east, where massive unemployment in the urban centers created the conditions we typically associate with this most troubled period of US History. Here in the west almost all of the land was still wild, the cities small, and the natural resources largely intact. That hardly made Oregon immune from the troubles but I think the face of rural poverty is different.