Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Oregon Experience - Welcome!

Welcome to Oregon!

This is the blog for "The Oregon Experience", an insider travel tips website that will help you plan and enjoy your trips to Oregon, a state we honestly feel offers more incredible travel experiences than you'll find in any other part of the USA - in fact more great travel experiences than you'll find in most entire countries.

Oregon is uniquely qualified to offer hundreds of miles of unspoiled Pacific coastline, the magnificent peaks of the Cascade Mountain Range, raging rivers like the Rogue, Columbia, and Klamath, the nation's finest and most extensive lush forestland with pristine mountain lakes and streams teaming

It's no wonder that Oregon is home to more miles of National Scenic Byways than any other region in the USA.

The Oregon Experience lies in the magnificent pounding surf of the Oregon Coast to the sparkling blue waters of Crater Lake National Park to the underground adventures at Oregon Caves National Monument. From the tide surging in to Devil's Churn at Cape Perpetua to the rushing rapids of the Rogue River to the spectacular waterfalls of the Umpqua Valley and along the Columbia River Highway (I'll have a lot of pictures from there in a few weeks after my trip North to spend some time in the Columbia River Gorge). From the world-class Shakespearean theater in Ashland to Portland's quiet sophistication - big city amenities with small town charms.

Oregon is a masterpiece of nature, history, and culture. Native Americans have lived here for tens of thousands of years and you can still share those remarkable cultural traditions at gatherings, Pow Wows, Salmon BBQs, exhibitions and Museums like Warm Springs Four Rivers, the Tamastslikt.