Friday, September 5, 2008

Oregon Coast Official Websites

The best way to plan your trip to Oregon is to surf several websites, order printed information that many of those sites offer, and if you are like me keep cutting and pasting information into my own personalized trip guide.

The official Oregon Travel website is Travel Oregon from the Oregon Tourism Commission click here for website .

The Oregon Coast makes this job a little more interesting because there are literally dozens of excellent resources, many of which try to cover the entire coast.

The most comprehensive of the Oregon Coast sites is the Mile by Mile Guide to the Oregon Coast combined with the Oregon Coast Travel blog. Both come from the publishers of Oregon Coast Magazine and the Mile by Mile Guide to the Oregon Coast which is the most popular guidebook in all of Oregon.

Although I will cover some Oregon Coast themes here at The Oregon Experience, look to the Oregon Coast Travel blog for the best coverage of the coast including travel tips and news.

Other good resources for the Oregon Coast are OCVA - The Oregon Coast Visitors Association new "People's Coast" website.

Note: Please don't ask me to explain how in the world somebody came up with "The People's Coast" after spending a small fortune in consulting fees.

OK, you talked me into it. Expensive firms routinely convince gullible clients that elite "branding" is more effective than real marketing. This is because real marketing has measurable results and returns on investment, where "branding" campaign failures can easily be covered up. Sorry - but this stuff bugs me.